Bases in United Australian Alliance

I have decided to create various forts and bases in the United Australian Alliance areas. They are chosen because of their qualities. Here they are:

Fort 1. South Pole Dojo

Fort 2. South Pole Ski Village

Fort 3. Big Surf Dance Lounge

Fort 4. Snowy River Snow Forts

Base A. South Pole Coffee Shop

Base B. South Pole Ski Lodge

Base C. Snowy River Cove

Base D.  South Pole Cove

           I want to establish a base in the Federative Republic of East Australia but it’s up to Collinzfresh. I’ll see if he wants a base somewhere in UAA and we can make a deal. Until then:

                   ~ Blackburnt

11 Responses to “Bases in United Australian Alliance”

  1. Sorry about that BlackBurnt, You can tell Duges what I said, I didnt mean to cause harm. Commissar is a very prudent man so dont mind him thats why he oversees our officers duttys. (He looks for treason remember) Im sorry were friends so dont worry. Probably delete this comment.

  2. blackburnt Says:

    I’m not deleting that comment. But I will say that your Commissar is out of his range looking for treason with your best allies. Plus he was very rude almost interrogating me in a sort of way. That does not make me feel happy (as you saw). And the n he said, “Blackburnt’s gonna snitch!” that got me even angrier! I do apologize because we’re all gentlemen here and I’m still ur friend

  3. Of course I never douted your friendship for one second. Like I said I apologize and I will think before I speak next time. I never intended on what I said, I just wanted to see what you would have said on the behalf of our conversation.
    When you left and thereallddd came in we were talking about ogalthorp that there is a strange rumor that he is just a front for the ACP. He siad hi is not the leader, but it was just probably rumors.

    Now were you serious when you asked if you wanted to join my army as a commissar or were you joking because we can discuss this if you want to be. Look under FAQ and Ranks to see what a Commissar does in an army and we would be honord to have you part of it.

    Friends like always


  4. Read comment above.

    By the ways what ever happened to Club Penguin Calvary, The new leader hasnt posted any new things on his website ever since are we going to expect much from him anymore or is CPC barried? Just Curious because I went on the site and nothing was updated.

  5. WOW we did amazing today we recruited about forty sodlirs today no joke!! were doin just fine

  6. blackburnt what are you talking about? im not joining PRA

  7. Did i miss something?

  8. blackburnt Says:

    No Duges this is Australian code Talk “thats what we call it” you can learn it to see what were really talking about. This conversation seems way different than it is. Collinzfresh and I just made it up.

  9. Hey Blackburnt of course you can join we would love to have you. You can be commissar and Mr. Pacione will be depromoted to Field Commander (he wont mind so its ok). Now the Rules and laws are not for me to bennifit from but for our WHOLE army to benifit from to prosper and to become big, im shure you already understand that. So yes Welcome to the PRA lol you CANT be governor but you can be VISE PRESIDENT lol. welcome to the PRA

    heres some thigns you should know so we can look GOOD.

    1. try to sound profesional when we talk on our blog or cp so people wont think were a joke.

    2. When were both on club penguin with soldiers in our army we should look profesional too, but if were alone or with friends like nolaur or other people we know we can act cool.

    3. Exersize your ranks skills by looking for treason act tough as a commissar but dont scare soldiers away. Make yourself appear as a commissar act like Mr. Pacione maybe not as rude as him lol.

    4. Im shure you have skills of yourself

    these are just to help you out ther not rules just helping out a friend so we can look good. Great to have you!


    Autocrat of P.R.A.

  10. You can still run UAA just say its part of the PRA ( since your in it) but you can be completly in charge of the United Australian alliance.

  11. blackburnt Says:

    Ok Collinzfresh, I am honored and all of it will become PRA Land and recruiting ground so no more worrying about capitals or anything.

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